LaTrobe Valley Expess
Independent candidate for Morwell Ray Burgess has called on Labor to support a feasibility study into a new coal-fired power station for the region.

“I call upon the Labor candidate to join me in seeking funding for a feasibility study into the deployment of a High Efficiency/Low Emissions Power Station in the Latrobe Valley” said Ray Burgess, the independent candidate for Morwell

"While it’s been disappointing on the Labour candidate's part, let’s get past the "low-road" of personal attacks and deal with the  real issue of affordable base-load energy and the jobs and prosperity it will bring to both the Valley and the State.  It is essential that we reflect the requirements of our Valley workforce and not just have worn out slogans supporting high-cost wind and solar electricity more appropriate to the cafes of Fitzroy.”

I’ve never pretended that building a new power station is going to be easy. However, I’m keeping an open mind and arguing for a new power station because, to me and many others, it makes sense at regional, state and national levels.  Agencies such as AEMO and the ACCC agree coal has a role to play in our grid and we need to explore the options.

Mr Burgess added, “Our community would love nothing better than to understand the options for a new Power Station in the Valley.  They’d welcome a reasoned discussion about how the Latrobe Valley can continue to use its  coal  resource, skills and infrastructure to provide what it’s always done best- provide lowest cost base-load electricity to encourage new investment and jobs.  We know that sixteen hundred coal fired power stations many of which are HELE plants are being built in other parts of the world. We really need to know the costs, opportunities and risks associated with building a new technology power station right here in the Valley.”  

 “I’m standing to defend the Valley and its proud heritage through debate about ideas.  Critically however, it is essential for the Valley that we do not inadvertently throw out our prosperity baby with our coal bathwater."

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