Last week I was the victim of an attempted robbery in my shop at 6.00am Thursday.

I had three customers in the shop when a woman walked in and grabbed a coke from the fridge. She presented it for payment and asked for a pack of Winfield Red cigarettes as well.

"That'll be $33.75 thanks" I said noting " must be thirsty you've had some coke already"

The woman then lifted her hand in her puffer jacket pocket and stuck it out at me demanding " I've got a gun in my pocket hand over the money out of the till"

" I haven't got any money", I told her.

 "... and I've got a bomb out the back and I'm going to blow this shithole to bits!" she replied.

When she saw I wasn't intimidated by her, she ran off.  Usain Bolt would have been proud at the speed I took off after her. I quickly caught her. I told her I was making a citizen’s arrest and demanded the Coke and cigarettes back. She quickly gave the stolen items back then I politely told her to “get going and don’t come back!”

Sequel:  The woman then went around to the Police station and handed herself in for attempted robbery. The police came and took my statement and now the woman is remanded in custody to appear in court later in the year. She apparently has priors.

It was bizarre and didn’t upset me, but if it had been one of my girls with no others about, it could have been a bit scary for them. This was a brazen no consequences/repercussion incident with a sad underlining of a woman wandering the streets with no means and desperate for a smoke, a feed and a bed...

I have been on a small sub-committee working at getting upgraded street surveillance for Morwell and will be attending the announcement of the works completion on the 3 September. We must be safe in both our workplaces and going about our business in our towns. This is clearly a key issue of interest to the Valley community.

Authorised by C Burgess 36 Dodemaides Rd Trafalgar Vic 3824